Issaquah Fitness’ MyFit program is introducing a new Kettlebell class!

Why is Kettlebell training so popular? Because it works and creates amazing results!  Kettlebells are weights used for high-intensity cardio and strength training and are ideal for people who want high-speed, high-intensity workouts. Due to the high speed and weight, proper form is paramount in kettlebell training. During Kettlebell classes, our trainers teach the basics of fun Olympic moves so you can continue to any class down the road with confidence. You will learn to correctly perform moves such as deadlift, goblet, swings, and the Turkish getup. Take your health, fitness, and strength goals to the next level in our NEW Kettlebell class. Join our professionally certified trainer, Maria Murphy, in classes designed to benefit all members, regardless of age or current fitness level. Kettlebell is offered as a MyFit Small Group Training held Monday & Wednesday’s from 8:15 am – 9:15 am. Learn more about purchasing your MyFit Package at the front desk today!