“I had nerve damage with associated muscle weakness and loss of sensation in my left leg.  My goal was to build up my core muscles to decompress the disk with the hope of avoiding surgery on my back. 

As we started to work together, Maria was extremely gentle and cautious.  But at the same time, she also wanted to gently push my tolerance to understand my limits so that she could help me improve.  She was a delight to work with and was very patient with me.  Within a month, my back pain resolved and the strength and feeling began to return to my leg.  At this point, more than nine months later, I have had nearly full recovery of my strength and sensation which suggests that Maria’s training adequately strengthened the supporting muscles with out causing additional injury.

Maria has a wonderful style in her training.  She is encouraging and motivating with a gentle voice yet she effectively pushes her clients to maximize their benefit.  She is very knowledgeable and has an extensive array of training exercises which avoids redundancy in the training sessions.  She has an infectious smile and is a delight to be around. 

After working with her for awhile I was not surprised to learn that Maria was the most popular and sought after trainer.  As an example of how good she is, one day I offered one of my sessions to my wife … although I intended it to be a one time gift, my wife decided to become one of Maria’s clients as well.


In short, Maria Murphy is a wonderful trainer.  She helped me tremendously after an injury and I would seek her out again with out hesitation for training. ”


Thank you,

Bill L.

Personal training client