Trainer, Fitness, Testimonial

“I’ve been training with Madeline for about four months, and I’ve had a positive and fruitful experience with her.

Madeline is a knowledgeable, supportive trainer. When I began training, I was somewhat self-conscious about how un-fit I was. Yet Madeline designed a program appropriate to my level, and she helped me recognize the improvements that I made. After we reached my initial goals, she helped me set new goals and designed a new program around them.

I have a few health issues that partially limit what exercises I can safely and comfortably perform. Fortunately, Madeline is patient and understanding when I cannot perform an exercise. In such cases, she always knows a way to help me adapt, whether by helping me refine my technique or showing me a different exercise that works the same muscles.

Through our training, Madeline has helped me improve my fitness and my confidence, and I look forward to many more sessions with her.” 

– Carson T.

“My Personal Trainer, Madeline Mull, has helped me in ways that never entered my mind. Through Madeline, I have learned to listen to my body’s needs, such as, how best to push for strength, flexibility and to know the differences between destructive pain and constructive burn. Never having exercised before, except for walking to get from point one to point two, I did not know what a burn was or how it even felt. For this, Madeline has been a godsend. Anyone interested in learning the proper ways toward physical wellbeing, I highly recommend this wonderful trainer. Not only does she teach, but her warm personality endears the heart”

– Geane R.