The most versatile and challenging, functional free weight you will ever experience.


Issaquah Fitness is very excited to announce the introduction of Sandbells! This new equipment will be available for all members to use both on the exercise floor, and in MyFit training classes. Sandbells are changing the way trainers design exercise programs. They add versatility to traditional lifting, while adding a whole new dimension to exercises performed with dumbbells and medicine balls. There are many added benefits of using sandbells, including safety and comfort, variety, injury prevention and strength building. Sandbells give the users a dynamic resistance which allows for greater muscle fiber recruitment. The free movement of the sand, inside the bag, forces your body to work harder in order to keep the weight under control.

Try slamming these to the ground like heavy medicine balls or swinging them like kettlebells. Use them to press, push or pull as you would a dumbbell. Throw them down on the ground to hop over or toss in the air. This exercise equipment is tough and fun to use. You’ll enjoy the change up in your current routine and thank the MAC for staying current with their exercise equipment!

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