New Small and Large Group Training Series, Plus Nutrition Coaching

iStock_000067861969_XXXLarge-webIssaquah Fitness is kicking off the New Year with a new training series called MyFit.  This ongoing 8-week program combines the energy and dynamic of group exercise with the individual attention of group training to create a specialized workout experience.  Add nutrition content, restorative group training, accountability and the flexibility to choose among an exclusive schedule of classes and you have a training program with flexibility that will effectively help you reach your fitness goals.

MyFit is a System to Get You Healthy
Members have three different training options; small group training package, large group training package, or they may take their workout to the next level with an all-inclusive MyFit Package.

Small Group Training
MyFit’s Small Group Training has a maximum capacity of 6 participants in each group to allow specialized instruction. You will experience the benefits of the creativity and motivation of a trainer when participating in a small group. MyFit’s Small Group Training is broken down into two levels with two training options: MyFit Small Group and MyFit Rowing. Participants can purchase packages in bundles of eight. Learn more.

Large Group Training
MyFit’s Large Group Training sessions are created by our trainers and always evolve to help our members improve specific goals. Large Group Training uses a larger format and space to conduct a group, allowing more than 6 participants.Participants can purchase packages in bundles of eight. Learn more.

MyFit Packages
Take your workout to the next level when purchasing a MyFit Package. Each MyFit Package is structured to be well-rounded by providing the following elements: nutrition, small group trainings, restorative classes, and recommended Group Fitness call or Large Group Training. Plus, Body Stat check-ins. Learn more.

Purchasing Your Training Package
Purchase your flexible training package at the front desk and personalize it by reserving your training time of choice or attend a class based on availability. The training packages of eight are sold at any point within the session. Members are required to use them within six months after purchase.

MyFit’s next 8-week session will start on March 14th.  

If you would like to purchase your package today, visit the Issaquah Fitness front desk.  Or if you have any other questions, we’d be happy to answer them at the front desk or through email at