tribby-hanneyIssaquah Fitness member Tribby Hanney can laugh now about how she spent the night before her first spin class.  Since she had never participated in this type of group exercise, Tribby was nervous about her impending performance, her ability to keep up with the other participants and most importantly… her wardrobe.  Like some sort of fitness fashionista, she spent part of the evening before class on Google, desperately trying to determine what the best-dressed spin participants were wearing this season.  Despite her anxiety, Tribby pushed through her fear about that first time and has come to enjoy taking spin classes regularly, even becoming a bit competitive when it comes to matching calorie burn counts.   Because she continues to inspire and show courage on her journey for a healthy mind and body, Tribby Haney is our newsletter Member Spotlight.

Fitness was not always an important part of Tribby’s life. Growing up in Lynden, WA, she was not really involved in sports, and her outdoor activities usually involved a family camping trip.  After she moved to the Issaquah area in 2007 for a job opportunity, Tribby did join the Sammamish Club for a year but did not spend much time here.  She also did some running and even participated in a couple of half-marathons, but her exercise still lacked meaning or purpose.  Meaning and purpose did arrive in another form when Tribby and her husband welcomed their daughter, Cerys into their lives 3 and ½ years ago.  Little did she know at the time, that having Cerys would be a catalyst and a giant motivating factor in Tribby taking a greater interest in her fitness and health.

As the pressure and anxiety of trying to be a great new mother weighed heavily on Tribby, she realized that she might be suffering from some postpartum issues.  After seeing a counselor, it was recommended that she add some regular exercise to her life.  When Tribby’s friend Alex suggested that she join her in taking John McKinnon’s group Step class, she reluctantly agreed to drop off her daughter at the Kids Club and spend the next hour sweating together.  During that first class, Tribby almost left mid-program, intimidated by the routine, the instructor, and the other participants.  But she stuck it out and found that she really enjoyed that single hour of time for herself.  Tribby kept showing up… hiding in the corners of the room, trying to mask her insecurities about not knowing the choreography or worried about what others in the class might think.  But she continued to come to class.  And as she did, she found that John was not so intimidating after all, and the other class members were very supportive, and Tribby’s growing connection to them provided a sense of accountability for her to show up.  It wasn’t long before she felt more comfortable with the Step class and she decided to try some other group classes like Chizzled and Spin…  Tribby’s confidence in the club environment was growing, and she also did not feel guilty about creating some time for herself.  The mental part of her journey toward being more healthy was progressing well.  Now it was time to work on the physical part.

After taking group exercise classes for a while, her physical results started to plateau, and Tribby realized she would need some change to get into better shape, become stronger and start losing some of the weight she had gained during pregnancy.  She decided to work with John as her Personal Trainer.  Tribby cites his passion, energy and attention to personal details as directly contributing to her positive results.  She feels stronger, more energetic and has also lost 30 pounds since her work started with John last January.

Tribby routinely likes to do most of her workouts in the early morning during the week.  Besides better accommodating her family’s schedule, she likes the energy boost she gets from her workouts that carries over to the rest of her day.  On the weekends, she enjoys taking a Spin class with her husband, creating some dedicated couple time in the week as well.

With the dedication and hard work Tribby has put in over the last three years at Issaquah Fitness, she has been rewarded with great results for her mind and body.  She recognizes a shift in her attitude, realizing that she can find the balance between being a mother, a wife, a friend and still find time to be herself.  And she knows that, besides being a loving and constant presence in your child’s life, as a parent, it is important to model a healthy life for your children as well.

Congratulations, Tribby, on your journey so far.  Although you give a lot of credit for your success to your incredible support crew of family and friends, as well as the trainers, staff, and members of IF, we celebrate the choices you made to make a difference in your life and your family’s life.  We look forward to continue being part of your future journey.