We know it’s hard to tell based on the weather, and you’re still determinedly stuck in hibernation mode, but spring is the perfect time to start working on your Summer Slimdown! It’s time to steer away from the delicious cookies, holiday drinks, and extra carbs you’ve been indulging in the past couple months. Make this the year you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions (you know, the ones you made just a few weeks ago…) and lose the extra pounds in time for summer.

How far away is your big summer break trip? Say you want to lose the stubborn 15 pounds of fat that are hiding under your winter layers. Your goal is to lose 1-2 pounds a week, still, think you have plenty of time? Probably not…

Don’t be discouraged! Check out 8 different tips and tricks to start your Summer Slimdown.

1. Try a Group Fitness Class

Group Fitness Classes are included in your membership, so take advantage of them! Issaquah Fitness offers a wide range of classes like Cycle, Yoga, Zumba, BodyPump and more. There is sure to be a class that fits your busy schedule!

2. Go For a Swim!

It’s probably still a little too cold to take a swim in the lake, so why not use our pool? We offer Adult Swim Training Monday – Thursdays from 6-7am, or just check the aquatics schedule to see when you can get some lap time in!

3. Take a Hike

As the weather warms up, go for a hike around Cougar Mountain, or all the way up Rattlesnake Ledge. Hiking is a great way to get outdoors, and still burn those calories!

4. Join a Sports Team

There are plenty of intramural, non-competitive leagues for all kinds of sports! Head next door to Arena Sports and ask about joining a soccer team, or visit your city website to see what else is offered this spring!

5. Sign Up for a Race

We’re not saying you need to run a marathon, but signing up for a fun 5k or 10k is a great motivational strategy to keep you on track! There are always fun races happening in the local area, try visiting nwtrailruns.com to find a race near you.

6. Just Get Outside

There are endless activities that you can do in your own backyard! Get a basketball hoop, try jump roping, or do some hopscotch with the kids. Anything that gets you up and moving is always a good idea.

7. Try Personal Training

Having a personal trainer encouraging and working with you to reach your goals is the ultimate motivation! In addition to personal training, Issaquah Fitness offers small group and large group training with our MyFit program!

8. Change Up Your Gym Routine

Sometimes doing the same routine over and over gets boring, and results in a decrease of motivation. Try switching it up a little! Ask an employee for help using a machine you’ve never tried, try working out in a different part of the gym, or try going to the gym at a new time of day.