IMG_2142Are you constantly looking down at your mobile device, shoulders hunched forward as you type on the tiny keyboard?  Do you spend long hours in a sedentary position at your desk or in your car, arms extended to your computer keyboard or the driver’s wheel?  These familiar repetitive positions and motions can wreak havoc on our necks, shoulders, and lower backs causing pain and unnecessary stress on our bodies and minds.  Maybe we can’t get rid of work or family responsibilities, but we can train our bodies to better deal with the rigors of our jobs and routines.  Pilates is a great antidote to the strain and tension we place on our bodies and the Introduction to Pilates class may be the best tool you ever invest in to deal with the stress of everyday life.

The repetitive actions (or inactions) mentioned in the above examples can cause the contraction and shortening of the muscles resulting in pain, postural misalignment and range of motion limitations. Pilates can help by restoring proper alignment through lengthening and stretching the shortened and tight muscles and bringing body awareness into your daily living.

The Introduction to Pilates class will initiate you to the principles and equipment involved.  Students are introduced to the key Pilates Principles of breathing, pelvic and scapular stability, abdominal strengthening, and alignment.  They will experience a full body workout as each class will cover several of the basic Pilates body positions on the reformer.  Proper setup and breakdown of the equipment, as well as personalized reformer setting, is taught to maximize understanding and effectiveness of the exercises.  Once a good foundation is in place, the student can feel comfortable advancing themselves to the next appropriate leveled class.

Students will become more aware of how their body moves as well as improve their breathing, flexibility, and postural alignment. It is not uncommon for participants to feel taller, leaner, lengthened and stretched after class.  With continued and consistent practice, strength, stability, and muscular tone and firmness will improve significantly.  And so will the ability to deal with the physical demands of everyday life.

If you are interested in seeing how Pilates can help you, please contact our front desk to get more information or sign up for your first class.