Employee Spotlights: Ian and Kynan

It takes every single one of our employees to ensure that our club runs smoothly and efficiently to give our members the best experience possible. Each staff member has a key role to play, from swim instructors to front desk staff, and personal trainers to maintenance. Meet two of our fantastic members of the Issaquah Fitness team, Ian and Kynan!


Ian Bochner

Issaquah Fitness Team on a hike

On the left in the blue shirt.

Ian Bochner was born in California, but raised in Washington and has lived in this area ever since. He was home schooled with his three brothers, Mason, Noah and Joshua until his junior year when he attended Juanita High School in Kirkland. Ian is the second oldest of the four brothers. In addition to his brothers, Ian has two dogs named Mia and Maggie, and one cat named Odin who are very much a part of their family. One of Ian’s favorite activities in his spare time is going to the movie theater. In his opinion, the best movies are Marvel DC movies, like Batman and Superman, and the Star Wars movies.

Ian has been working in maintenance at Issaquah Fitness since August of 2015. Many people might not realize how important it is to have maintenance employees like Ian taking care of the club and its equipment on a regular basis. In addition to keeping the facility clean, Ian is also responsible for maintaining all the equipment and performing regular maintenance checks on lighting and other amenities at the club. Ian’s boss, Joe, had this to say about Ian:

“Ian is a rockstar!

Ian will honestly do anything he is asked by any of the other staff. He has never had a miss-punch or any kind of tardiness, which for his age should earn him an award. He always listens and has grown so much over the last year – it’s amazing.”


Kynan Cleverley

issaquah, fitness, issaquah fitness, trainer, Kynan CleverleyKynan Cleverley was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho and moved to Washington when he was little where he has lived ever since. He and his girlfriend, Brooke, have lived in Issaquah for about a year now and absolutely love the area. In high school, Kynan did the Running Start program at Seattle Central College, which allowed him to take college-level courses in high school. Kynan has always loved being active, with P.E. always being his favorite class. He recalls several times when he led friends through exercise routines, which may have prepared him for his career as a personal trainer.

During the colder months, Kynan loves to spend his time indoors at home or at the gym. He and his girlfriend enjoy going to dinner and a movie, or just having friends over for food and games. When it’s warmer out, Kynan loves hiking, camping, and seeing things he has never seen before.

Kynan started his career at Issaquah Fitness last spring as a Membership Advisor and is now one of the newest members of the Issaquah Fitness Personal Training Staff. One of his favorite aspects of his job is being able to help people make positive changes they need to their health, and to their everyday lives. He will be taking his test in March to become a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise.

One of Kynan’s fitness specialties is martial arts. He started with Korean arts, like Hapkido and Taekwondo, and then transitioned into Boxing, Kickboxing, and Submission Wrestling. Kynan discovered that competitive fighting wasn’t really for him, and realized that he truly loved to teach fighting for fitness. At Seattle Central college, he assisted in coaching the classes and found that he was almost learning more than he was teaching. He enjoyed helping the class stay motivated and is very excited to share his experience in his new kickboxing class at Issaquah Fitness.

Check out Kynan’s Kickboxing class on Thursdays at 2:45 or Saturdays at 12:45, and be sure to wish him luck on his exam!