Being the Example

DSC07510_1To introduce John McKinnon as the “new” Fitness Manager may seem like we are a bit late to the party.  For 36 years, including the last 14 at Issaquah Fitness, John has been managing and directing the fitness experience for many people throughout the Puget Sound region.  Thousands have danced, run, stepped, sweated and laughed through his classes and there is not much that John hasn’t seen or done in the world of group fitness.  So while John may not be new, he is excited about this new opportunity to use his experience, his passion and his energy to make Issaquah Fitness and its members a model for healthy and fit living.  Whether he is training his staff, instructing a class or being a role model for his own family,  John is ready to take on the responsibility to “be the example.”

While still teenagers growing up in Tacoma, John and his brother began dancing.  Back then the example John wanted to set was that of being the best.  Through his drive and determination, he had his young dance team performing at venues around town including the NCO Club at Fort Lewis.  Fitness and group exercise became part of the routine as their team trained for shows and competitions. John continued to teach and train others while pursuing his professional dance aspirations.  After supporting himself as a dancer for two years and being turned off by the darker fringes of being a professional, he decided that the expanding world of fitness and training held a lot of opportunities and provided a safe and sound way to make a living.  Since 1984, John has been helping people stay healthy and fit throughout gyms and clubs in the greater Seattle area.

Since his arrival at Issaquah Fitness in 2001, John has never been more excited about the club’s combination of trainers and programs as he is today.  As Fitness Manager, John hopes to strike the balance of providing members with the latest trends in training and programming, while also making sure they are getting sound and effective help in reaching their fitness goals.  As he explains it, “We want to make sure we give the members what they WANT to get them in the facility and started on their goals.  Then while they are with us, we have the ability and expertise to teach them what they NEED to make lasting and impactful changes in their lives.”  

IMG_1285As John has spent many years learning and adapting to new programs and exercise science, he vigorously supports the latest trend toward a more holistic approach to fitness.  A varied routine of workouts that include programs for the body and mind can be very effective.  But most importantly, all fitness goals should include a realistic nutrition plan if the objective is to make positive health changes.  John often cites his own example of recently kicking his dependency on energy drinks as an important step in his quest for healthy living.  That is why he is so enthusiastic about the arrival of new programs like Body Breakthrough and MyFit that have nutrition components included.  

John’s spirit and belief in what he is doing has been a hallmark of his classes for years.   Now he is looking forward to bringing that spark to his position as Fitness Manager.  From modeling his attitude and behavior for his training staff, to working closer with the front desk/sales staff, to fostering more collaboration between programs and areas of the club, John wants to show his trainers and his co-workers what the results are when you are fully invested in your job and you approach it every day with enthusiasm and fun.   

For the few hours each day, John is not at the club setting the example, he is at home or church recharging himself with the two biggest reasons he lives life the way he does.  While being a person who lives fully and enthusiastically as an example for others to follow has its advantages in the work environment, for John, the greatest rewards are being a man that is in sync with his faith and that is looked up to by his children and family.
Thank you John, for being a great example to follow inside and outside of the club.  We are thrilled to have you as our Fitness Manager.