RefocusHave you abandoned your fitness goals you made for the New Year? If you have, you’re not alone. It’s common to get blasted with work, projects, or responsibilities you didn’t plan for when making your 2016’s goals.  If you’re struggling to stay the course, don’t abandon all hope and give up just yet, merely refocus.

Long-term health and strength require an investment in your body that might not pay noticeable dividends for weeks or months. Just as your retirement portfolio takes time to achieve the desired results, your fitness goals might as well. Follow these next 4 tips to help you stay the course and achieve your goals in 2016.


Goal Specificity
As I have witnessed during my 18 year career as a Strength Coach and Personal Trainer, people who develop specific, personally meaningful goals have a better chance of achieving them.  The most common reason people fail to achieve success is by establishing goals that are not specific enough and do not have a meaningful impact on their life.

Announcing that you’re finally going to get fit on Facebook isn’t specific enough.

Just showing up at the gym and floating around doesn’t cut it either.  If you’ve made it to the gym, it makes me happy to see you taking one step closer to improving your health. Now take the next step to make the most of your time and effort.

What I suggest are real quantifiable goals. Meet with a personal trainer to help you select the best ones for you if you’re not sure what they might be. Great examples are: be able to do a real bodyweight pull-up, be able to bench press/squat/deadlift your bodyweight, run a faster mile, improve your balance, or increase your flexibility/mobility.

Final suggestion, don’t set your goals too lofty. Make sure your new goal is realistic and can be measured incrementally. That way as you are making progress, you’re more apt to stay motivated and be proud of your accomplishments.


Make it a Priority
Treat training like an important errand. Make training part of your daily routine. As a trainer, I have a very busy schedule that fluctuates daily. When I have a 12 hour day filled with clients, I schedule my own training sessions in the middle of my day. That way, I can focus on my fitness goals and stretch to restore my body from standing on hard surfaces all day. This helps me recharge and refocus on my client’s needs and deliver a better service.  

If you can consistently remember to watch your favorite TV shows or read your favorite blog weekly, you can make time to work out!

If you need a helping hand in this process and accountability, we are offering our new MAC Fit 8 week series starting on March 7th. See the front desk or our website for details.


Proper Perspective and Purpose
It takes a certain degree of perspective to succeed on a strength and fitness quest. Just think of the word “quest”. It implies traveling along an arduous path toward a worthy outcome. Most people are looking for something easier and quicker than that, and this is precisely why they fail to reach their goals.

Consider your current goal. Is it meaningful or is it a cliché that you’ve used before like “this year I’m losing my belly for good”? Are they your goals or ones you’ve heard other people say that sounded good to you? A goal that isn’t attached to something deep and personal within you is a dead end.

Make sure you’ve measured what’s at stake if you don’t accomplish your goal and what’s the benefit if you do. This will help you have more to focus on. An example of this would be: If I lose 20 pounds this year my cholesterol and blood pressure will lower adding quality years to my life. If you lost those imaginary 20 pounds, could you accomplish more daily? Would this help you fulfill your purpose and make you better at everything you do? That’s the seriousness of which I’d like to see you view your goals and health.


Expectation Management
Finally, it’s essential to remember that lasting results take time. A goal that’s worth the effort will take months or even years to achieve. If you think it’s going to happen overnight, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Select an attainable specific goal that means something to you.

Examine what you’ve set out to attain and why you chose it. Take aim at the target, remain steadfast in your pursuit, and accomplish it. You can do it. I believe in you!

Stay Healthy and Active,

Scott A. Jansen
Magnuson Athletic Club/ Fitness Manager