The Key to Hiking Father, Stronger and Faster this Summer!

As we officially enter into summer, I’m reminded by my clients this is hiking and climbing season. During my tenure, I’ve trained numerous athletes to prepare for large treks both nationally and internationally and it amounts to the same essential elements. I was asked to prepare a strength and conditioning program by The Mountaineers ( for their outdoor programs/communities like hiking.

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Try Our New Pilates Classes!

Issaquah Fitness is introducing two new Pilates classes; Sweat-Barre and Gyrokinesis! Sweat-Barre 10:45 am Thursday mornings starting June 30th Sweat-Barre is a complete circuit training and conditioning class that fuses ballet barre work, Pilates, resistance training, and cardio resulting in a strong, supple, and graceful body.  The end product is

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