The Body Makeover Challenge 2016 is complete and we are so proud of everyone who worked hard to reach their goals! Meet two of our awesome participants who took the challenge head on and achieved fantastic results!

Congrats Billy!

Billy is a father of two crazy boys, husband to an amazing wife, who is also a member at the club, and has a great group of friends who he describes as “rowdy dirtbag runners.” Outside of the club he enjoys trail running, camping, backpacking and helping his sons explore the amazing place they live in. He also enjoys a good beer, and even brews his own!

Billy and his wife have been members at Issaquah Fitness for a year now and were initially attracted to the club because of it’s laid back, spa-like atmosphere. Especially compared to the first gym they toured that blared techno music! Earlier this year, Billy put on a little weight after breaking his foot and then his hand. This was his main motivation for signing up for the Body Makeover Challenge. His other motivation? He put money down to make sure he’d follow through! While his favorite way to work out is outside in the mountains, he also enjoys the TRX and cycling classes at the club.

Billy achieved amazing results with the Body Makeover Challenge, losing 10% body fat over the 8-week challenge! Issaquah Fitness is so lucky to have outstanding members like Billy, and next time you see him give him a big congratulations!

Way to go Keiko!

Keiko is a long-time employee next door at Arena Sports and decided to take advantage of the Body Makeover Challenge since it is open to members and non-members! She lives a very active lifestyle that includes indoor and outdoor soccer multiple times a week. She grew up in a big family where everyone played sports and was always on the go! In addition to soccer, Keiko loves arts and crafts and has significantly improved her DIY skills in preparation for her wedding.

After recently discovering several food allergies, Keiko was motivated to join the Body Makeover Challenge with a simple goal, to feel better! Getting back into a good fitness routine helped her gain back confidence and learn things about herself like how much harder she works when she has someone else encouraging her!

During the Body Makeover Challenge, Keiko really enjoyed group fitness as well as personal training. While these are very different styles, she had specific reasons for both. She has always been on a team, whether in sports, at school or at work, so working hard for the purpose of pushing a team forward his a huge motivation for her. However, sometimes it’s great to have one-on-one time with a personal trainer, and when she gets on the scale or does a BMI test, she knows that the only person who can change those results is her! Keiko ended the challenge by losing an amazing 4.3% body fat, and her teammates were extremely lucky to have someone so motivational on their team!

BMC participants agree… their trainers rock!

A huge part of the Body Makeover Challenge is having an expert trainer right beside you every step of the way. Trainer Desiree was voted as the top trainer for the challenge, she says:

“My goal was to just get them to the club.  I focused on working around their weakest link.  If they could not squat one way they could do it a different way.  Just being humble and kind worked.

Each week I prepared a handout that offered information as to what I thought they needed help with.
Success comes from a true passion to want what you want so badly that you put the time, energy, education, prep work into making it happen for yourself.  You have to earn it.

Here’s what some of Desiree’s team had to say!

“Thank you Desiree – you were so conscientious and kept us all honest. Loved the weekly notes.” – Pradr
“Thanks for being such an awesome and motivating coach. Really enjoyed working with you.” – Sharmila