Best TRX training in Issaquah, issaquah fitness, TRX, group fitness, MyFit, large group training, TRX trainingTake a Free Trial TRX Class
TRX Suspension Training utilizes your own body weight to functionally increase strength, power, flexibility, and balance while working in a variety of planes and all ranges of motion. Your core is constantly engaged throughout the workout building the smaller stabilizer muscles that often get overlooked in traditional strength classes.

All members can try a TRX class for free! Be sure to stop by the desk, or call to make sure there is availability in your desired class. For more information on TRX, visit our MyFit Large Group Training page.

Massage-Therapy-600x288Get a Massage
Our experienced massage therapists can help you to relieve muscle tension and stiffness, reduce muscle spasms, shorten recovery time between workouts, and provide greater joint and muscle flexibility.

Schedule your massage today at the front desk or call (425) 313-3131. Appointments available for members and non-members. Visit the Massage Services page for more information!

issaquah fitness, zumba, group fitness, cardioTake a Cardio Class
Cardio classes are a great way to keep your heart pumping and your body moving! Issaquah Fitness has plenty of classes to choose from including Rizzmic, Zumba, and Body Shock. Check out the full list of Cardio Classes at the club.

No reservations necessary! Walk right into any Group Fitness Class to try something new.

Issaquah, fitness, assessmentGet a Fitness Assessment

Talk to the experts! Our trainers are always on site to give you a free fitness assessment. Tell them your goals, and they’ll help you figure out the best way to achieve them! Whether it’s cardio, strength training, or water aerobics, they’ll customize a plan just for you.


as_issaquah-44-of-77webTry Out the Steam Room

Issaquah Fitness is proud to offer a variety of amenities to our members, including our brand new steam room! Take a relaxing steam before or after your workout and enjoy benefits such as reduced stress, tension relief, clearer skin, and removing toxins from your body!

selfie, gym, around the clubPost a Gym Selfie with #issaquahfitness

Finished an awesome workout? Share it! We love to see our members enjoying the club and achieving their personal fitness goals.



best barre in issaquah, issaquah fitness, issaquah, fitness, barre, pilates, yoga, group fitness, mind and bodyTake a Mind & Body Class

Start your day the right way! Try one of our many Mind & Body Classes to not only improve flexibility and stretch and strengthen your muscles but to also improve balance and body awareness. See the full list of classes on the Mind & Body page.

No need to reserve your spot, check the GX schedule and try a class today!

img_1624webDo a Virtual Tour on the Treadmill

This is an awesome feature on our treadmills! Keep your workout interesting by choosing a location to “walk through” on your treadmill! Experience a virtual tour of many large cities all over the world, from the comfort of your own gym.


issaquah fitness, issaquah, fitness, group fitness schedule, group fitness, home, homepage, gym in issaquahBring-A-Friend to the Club

Find a workout buddy to hold you accountable and bring them to the club with you! Use the Bring-A-Friend card in your welcome kit to get your friend in for free. Be sure to stop by the front desk to check them in before your workout!


best cycling class in issaquah, issaquah fitness, issaquah, fitness, cycling, bike, group fitness, interval, cardio, workoutTake a Cycle Class

Come see what cycling is all about! Issaquah Fitness currently offers both Cycling and RPM. Regulate your own intensity and get your pulse racing! Cycling is part of our Group Fitness classes so all cycle classes are free for members, no need to reserve your spot. Visit the Cycling page to learn more!


Water aerobics group

Try a Water Aerobics Class

Water Aerobics is offered five times a week at Issaquah Fitness! Jump in the pool and enjoy the many benefits of water aerobics including improved cardiovascular health, joint health, and upper and lower body strength! Be sure to check out the Aquatics Schedule for class times, no need to reserve a spot!

issaquah, fitness, issaquah fitness, training staff, fitness manager, trainer, john mckinnonDo the Stairs with Fitness Manager, John McKinnon

Have you met John? John McKinnon is our fantastic Fitness Manager and he is more than ready to tackle the stairs with all members. Say hello and let him know you’re up for the challenge!



issaquah-fitness-group-fitness-strength-training-chizzledTry a Strength Training Class

Have you ever tried Bodypump? Chizzled? Muscle Matters? Now’s your chance! Strength Training classes are your chance to build muscle and your overall body strength in a challenging, but adaptive setting. Visit the Strength Training page for a complete list of classes!


issaquah fitness, issaquah, fitness, body composition analysis, in body 370, measurements, wellness, body analysis, testComplete an InBody Test

Issaquah Fitness is happy to offer its members the opportunity to use our InBody 370 Body Composition Analyzer to determine the effectiveness of their diet changes and exercise routines. The InBody 370 is an easy-to-use device that sends tiny, painless currents of electricity through your body as you stand on it. By measuring your body’s resistance to these currents, it determines the amount of muscle, fat, and water present in your arms, legs, and trunk. Using these current body composition results, you can determine areas of your fitness program that are working and areas you might need to change in order to reach your goals. The full picture of your success will become clear when you are able to compare multiple test results from different periods on your fitness timeline.


health fair 2015Go For a Swim/Family Swim

Take advantage of the pool! Issaquah Fitness has a 4-Lane, 25 Yard Lap Pool and a Hot Tub available to all members. Try out our swimming lessons, take an aerobics class, or bring your family in for Family Swim! Visit the Aquatics Schedule for pool times. Please note swim lessons need to be registered for prior to the beginning of the lesson. Swim registration is available on our Swim Lessons page.

issaquah fitness, issaquah, fitness, MyFit, my fit, large group training, pilates, pilates reformer, group fitnessTake a Free Trial Pilates Class

Have you ever tried Pilates? Now is a great time! During a Pilates Reformer class, you will be taken through a series of exercises focused on strengthening the core, stretching through the spine and hamstrings, and working on the alignment through your entire body. Pilates is MyFit Large Group Training class, but members get to try the first one for free! Check with the front desk to make sure there is room in your desired class and to sign up for your free class.

yl-video-shoot_0229-2webVisit the Arena Sports Side

Did you know that Arena Sports is right next door? Go check it out! Arena Sports offers programs like indoor soccer for adults and kids, camps, birthday parties, an Inflatable FunZone, and more! Visit the Arena Sports website to find out more about their facility and the activities they offer.

13055499_1205513506127315_7561338947908318076_nMeet One of the Trainers

Issaquah Fitness has experienced, knowledgeable, enthusiastic trainers that offer a variety of training styles based on your individual goals and needs. Meet one of our amazing trainers and see how private, small, and large group training can benefit you!