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Group Swim Lessons

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Winter I Session

Sessions once a week starting on October 29th

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Winter II Session

Sessions once a week starting on January 2nd

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Group Lesson Details

  • 4:1 ratio (swimmer:instructor)
  • 25-minute lessons
  • Attend lessons once a week for eight weeks

  • Toddler Ages: 6 months – 3.5 years
  • Preschool Ages: 3.5-6 years
  • Youth Ages: 6-12 years

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Winter Class Schedule

Joy Porter
Aquatics Manager
(425) 313-3131

Toddlers 6 mos-3.5 years

Parent/Toddler (Tadpole)
The goal of this class is to introduce your child to the water and gain comfortability. We will be practicing the fundamentals of swimming through singing songs and playing games. This class has an instructor guiding you and your child through the swimming class. We encourage all parents to have: closeness, skin contact, eye contact, smiles and enthusiasm with their little swimmers! This will help in gaining trust for the water.

Preschool – 3.5-6 years

Preschool 1 (Ducklings)
The goal of Preschool 1 is to introduce your child to the water and develop the fundamentals of swimming, independently from their caretaker. In preschool 1 we will focus on the foundation to their swimming such as bubbles (breath control), floating, kicking and gliding with assistance. Safety and fun is an important element and learning how to be safe when they are around water in the community.

Preschool 2 (Turtles)
The goal of Preschool 2 is to start building up on their swimming foundation. They will begin to independently perform basic fundamental skills such as floating, kicking and gliding. In Preschool 2 swimmers will begin to do their combined arm strokes and leg actions, on their front and also introducing new strokes such as elementary backstroke and backstroke.

Preschool 3 (Sea Otters)
The goal for preschool 3 is to develop an independent and efficient preschool swimmer. In this level, they will master the front crawl stroke, elementary backstroke, and backstroke. They will also be introduced to whip kick and dolphin kick, transitioning into more advanced strokes.

Preschool 4 (Stingrays)
The goal for preschool 4 is to gain skill and technique towards further distances and endurance swimming. This class will prepare swimmers for intermediate youth level classes, through side breathing of the pool width and backstrokes by themselves. They will be introduced to new strokes such as breaststroke and butterfly.

Youth – 6-12 years

Level 1-2 (Orcas) 
Our goal for Youth level 1 and 2 is safety and swimming fundamentals. Your child will be introduced to the water through fun and games. In this level they will practice swimming fundamentals such as bubbles (breath control), floating, kicking and gliding. Developing comfortability and confidence will be the main focus of this level for your child.

Level 3-4 (Dolphins)
Our goal for Youth 3 and 4 is stroke development. They will learn basic skills to begin building on a foundation for advanced swimming. In this level they will be introduced to Side breathing, Breaststroke, Elementary Backstroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly, also building on endurance for swimming farther distances.

Level 5-6 (Sharks)
Our goal for Youth 5 and 6 is that swimmers will join this class with a basic understanding of all the strokes. The instructor will build on what they have already learned and perfect their stroke, with the end objective of this class as joining our PRE-COMPETITION swim class with Coach Ray Woods.

This class prepares your swimmer for swim team by learning regulation and legal expectations during a swimming competition.