Parent’s Night Out

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Having trouble finding a babysitter?

Bring your kids to Kids Club Parent's Night Out! Leave your child is capable hands while you go out and enjoy your evening.

Upcoming Saturday Dates:

  • January 20

Children 3-11 years
20 spots are available for children 3-11 years. There must be a minimum of four kids registered. With 48-hours notice, Issaquah Fitness will notify participants if the event is cancelled.

Children’s Personal Belongings
All personal items need to be contained in no more than one labeled backpack per child. Please do not bring toys/stuffed animals from home.

Additional Food
For children that are not eating pizza, please provide all bottles and food that the child may need to get through 3-5 hours at Parent’s Night Out. Please remember, NO peanut products are allowed in the Kids Club!

Potty Assistance
Issaquah Fitness Kids Club staff members are able to offer full potty assistance for Parent’s Night Out. If a child may be in need of bathroom assistance, a Parent’s Night Out Bathroom Authorization form must be signed and on file for that child to be able to attend a Parent’s Night Out.

In addition to spending time in Issaquah Fitness’ Kids Club, all children that attend Parent’s Night Out must have a signed waiver on file allowing them access to both Issaquah Fitness and Arena Sports. Children will be spending time next door at Arena Sports playing on the field or Inflatable FunZone.